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At The Outdoor Classroom we're proud to provide unmatched support for schools to deliver creative and accessible opportunities, encouraging pupils to be physically active whilst learning.

Our mission is to create a positive impact on the health and well-being of all children, creating engaging learning experiences in exciting new environments for our schools.

I’ve been delivering Orienteering lessons in schools for over a decade. One day, a teacher was filming pupils' progress on an iPad and a thought occurred to me that it could be possible to combine the excitement of outdoor learning using the equipment schools already had.

I wanted to create a platform that embodies every tool a teacher could need to facilitate Outdoor Learning. It took years of development and input from so many educational and tech professionals; but the result was this incredible programme that’s changing the way schools can provide new learning experiences to their pupils - and we’re constantly developing it as schools’ needs evolve.

Josh Jenner - Founder

How it Works

The Outdoor Classroom app presents lessons in new and innovative ways, promoting healthy bodies and minds in pupils all while learning.


Set your customised course. Choose distance, route and set your pupils’ challenges for each stop.


Pupils use the digital map to search for each plaque you set on the course. Getting active while learning.


Once the correct plaque is located, pupils scan it to reveal the challenge set by the teacher.

The Outdoor Classroom app can be applied to all subjects, ages and abilities

The most versatile education app on the market! The Outdoor Classroom can be used for anything, from Science to English - Teachers even use it for their CPD sessions!

Check out our short video on the app features and capabilities.

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