Find out why hundreds of schools are embracing outdoor learning and see how The Outdoor Classroom can benefit your school, for free.

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Our mission

We want to create accessible and equal sporting opportunities for all children. The Outdoor Classroom is available entirely free of charge to inspire schools to increase their physical activity and help to build a happier, healthier society.

Our paid system is also available for schools looking to fully embrace an active education right across the curriculum. See our prices or contact us for more information.

Explained for teachers by teachers

To understand the benefits and show how The Outdoor Classroom is having a real impact on teaching nationwide, watch our short video and hear from teachers that are already using the system and see how you can get your school involved today.


The Outdoor Classroom Impact Report 2022/23

An overall review and analysis of the impact of Outdoor Learning in our member schools for the 2022/23 academic year.

Partnership with British Orienteering

We are excited to announce our official partnership with British Orienteering, and what this means for the future of the sport.

CPD and Coaching Days

Learn more about our visits to school sites for tailored CPD training, our coaching days and festivals with schools and local communities.

Benefits of outdoor learning

Helps to reduce childhood obesity

Increased movement and exercise outside of PE lessons offers additional opportunities for children to build healthier lifestyles.

Engages all learners

The Outdoor Classroom supports scaffolded learning techniques set by teachers and differentiated course lengths to support a wide variety of physical abilities.

Boosts mental well-being

Outdoor activities promote positive mental well-being by offering breaks from intense classroom sessions, while remaining educational and valuable.

Develops social skills

Engaging in team work and collaborative learning encourages children to build stronger communication skills and learn about compromise and listening.

Helps to improve cognitive function

Physical activity can improve cognitive function in people of all ages, especially in children which is valuable for improved attainment back in the classroom.

Teaches respect for the natural world

Spending more time outside offers children the ability to develop an understanding of more aspects of nature and the importance of respecting their environment.

Our plans

The Outdoor Classroom comes in two sizes - BASIC and PREMIUM.

Both plans offer full access to the system for unlimited pupils but the paid tier offers bespoke mapping, premium lesson content, AI course planning and enhanced support.


Everything to get started:

Whole school access

Basic access to activity data

Free entry to leagues and competitions


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Everything in BASIC plus:

Automatic course creator

Full curriculum resource library

Comprehensive activity data

Custom mapping and plaques

Tailored setup and priority support


Talk to our team to create a customised solution for your school.