The Government's Get Active Strategy: A Pathway to a Future of Equality

In recent years, there has been a growing concern worldwide regarding the sedentary lifestyle and its detrimental effects on public health. The UK government has recognised the imperative need to promote physical activity and adopt measures to combat the alarming rise in non-communicable diseases and childhood obesity.

The new Get Active Strategy released in August outlines a myriad of plans and goals to tackle the high levels of inactivity, by making sure that the sport and physical activity sector is accessible, inclusive and sustainable.

The Get Active Strategy, pioneered by our government, is a comprehensive approach aimed at motivating and enabling individuals of all ages and backgrounds to engage in regular physical activity. It encompasses diverse initiatives such as awareness campaigns, infrastructure development, educational programmes, and policy reforms. Ultimately, this strategy strives to build a society that values and prioritises physical activity as an essential component of overall well-being.

One of the most remarkable aspects of the Get Active Strategy lies in its emphasis on fostering a mindset shift towards physical activity. By initiating impactful awareness campaigns and educational programs, the government aims to educate individuals about the benefits of an active lifestyle and dismantle any misconceptions surrounding physical activity. By bringing attention to the positive effects on mental health, improved productivity, and enhanced quality of life, the strategy cultivates a new perception where physical activity becomes second nature to individuals.

The strategy states, 'Creating positive participation experiences for children and young people no matter their background is essential to increasing levels of activity. A passion and enjoyment of movement, developed during childhood, can go a long way to create a positive foundation from which a lifetime of sport and physical activity can flourish. Government has a vital role to play in this, by ensuring that children have sociable, good quality and enjoyable experiences of sport in schools and community settings.'

At The Outdoor Classroom, we couldn't agree more with this statement. For years, we have strived to facilitate those all important opportunities for school age children, giving the accessibility, not only to participate in sporting activities, but to reap the benefits, development of core skills that are imperative for building well-rounded members of our future society.

By enabling schools to participate in national competitions, like The Big League, through our app, schools are no longer restricted by the logistical nightmare of arranging off-site trips to compete. The Outdoor Classroom app delivers the competition right to the school site, so pupils are able to participate in exciting events right on site. Our state-of-the-art data tracking system allows schools to track their progress throughout the competition period and inspire that all-important passion to push that one step further with their sporting goals.

So what does this mean for the developing individual? Academic studies pertaining to childhood development evidence clear links between building healthy confidence and communication skills. Delivering competitive activities to schools teaches pupils valuable lessons in determination to succeed through positive reinforcement, encouraging that passion for sport through positive experiences laid out in the new strategy.

The introduction of our new 'Little Leagues' extends the scope for these valuable opportunities. With the latest developments of the app, admins such as SGOs, SSPs, APs and teachers are able to create their own miniature competitions entirely tailored towards their school's or network's goals. Courses for cross-year competitions within a school are easily created, and can be adapted to suit the abilities of each year group to encourage self-challenge without the risk of disengagement through unreasonable difficult levels across years.

Features like these were developed in collaboration with teachers, to identify pitfalls pupils face so we could ensure we were creating equal sporting opportunities for all ages and abilities in a drive to demolish the walls that stand between our young people and their ability to engage in sports. Our work with schools like the David Lewis Centre and College has created a chance for pupils of any physical ability to join in these valuable activities without limitation.

We're incredibly proud of the features embedded in The Outdoor Classroom app, and are excited to share how the versatile nature and carefully planned content offers a platform that evolves along with the changing landscape of government initiatives. In the next blog, we will look at how our app promotes sustainable futures, both economically and environmentally

If you'd like to learn more about The Outdoor Classroom in the meantime, you can contact our team directly, or book a free demonstration to ask any questions about your school's unique needs.

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