Something BIG is Coming…

Here at The Outdoor Classroom HQ, we've been working on something really exciting to deliver to UK schools this summer: The Big League!

Although we're a ways off before Spring is in full swing, and the official launch will commence, we simply can't contain our excitement any longer. So we've decided to share a few sneak peeks into what's to come.

What is The Big League?

We're working to improve the worryingly low levels of activity amongst school age children by launching a national competition to get the nation moving! Completely free to join, The Big League, is available to any school that wants to get involved. With awards for reaching personal milestones and ranking in country-wide leaderboards, we're working to encourage pupils to engage in the outdoors and find joy in being active.

What can you win?

We're delighted to team up with British Orienteering and British Schools Orienteering Association who have generously pledged prizes for The Big League. Participating schools will be in with a chance to win a whole host of fantastic prizes, from free entry to local sporting events for kids, videos and visits from Team GB Orienteers, trophies, awards and more to be announced!

How can you get involved?

We're on a mission to include as many UK schools as possible to engage in increasing outdoor activity and boost their pupils' health and well-being! That's why The Big League is entirely FREE to join and participate. It comes at no cost, and includes FREE access to The Outdoor Classroom app, which usually costs £600* per year.

We're aware that schools come in all shapes, sizes and abilities. So we've developed an inclusive scoring system to ensure every school, no matter their background, is in with an equal chance to win a category.

How can you win?

We're laying out exciting milestones to spur schools on to challenge themselves in increasing physical activity and time spent outdoors. From time spent outdoors, distances travelled and percentages of whole school involvement, we find the pupils become the ones pushing for more outdoor learning!

The Big League will, of course, have an overall winner whose statistics rank the highest. However, there will be a series of personal milestones to achieve. Reaching your own school's milestones such as number of sessions, percentage of pupils involved and personal-best time scores will all be awarded! You'll also be able to win national prizes in similar categories.

And there's no additional work!

The Big League is designed to work with schools' current education programmes, not disrupt them! Which is why we've built the competition to fit right into your everyday lessons. The Outdoor Classroom app encourages teachers to take their normal lessons outside. When your pupils take their science, maths, even art lessons outside the classroom, they're automatically participating in The Big League!

Our unmatched data reporting records every single session and relays the statistics right to The Big League leaderboard. So you don't need to worry about a thing! There is no extra work, reporting or evidencing; everything is automatically calculated by the app as your pupils and teachers use it during normal lessons.

How can you find out more?

The Big League will be launched later this year, and we'll be sending out more updates as we draw closer to the grand opening!

We're proud to offer personal, tailored information and support to all of our current and potential members. Our Outdoor Learning Expert, Ferne Hadwin, is always on call to help with any queries you may have. You can schedule an appointment at your convenience here to discuss your school's needs, answer your questions and see the app in action first-hand.

Or visit our main site to find out more about The Outdoor Classroom and how we're working to transform outdoor learning!

*£600 + VAT per year is representative of an annual subscription to use of The Outdoor Classroom App, not including mapping, set up and plaques which can be purchased at an additional cost.

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