The Finish Line

We've been absolutely floored by all of the creative and inspiring ways our member schools have competed in The Big League! We set out to host the competition to challenge schools to increase their physical activity and reap all the benefits that come with outdoor learning.

The Big League was generously sponsored by British Orienteering and The British Schools Orienteering Association who pledged an incredible selection of prizes to award top ranking schools, including Team GB signed merchandise, athlete meets, national trophies and more. As you may know by now, our app is inspired by the sport of orienteering, but it's not restricted by it. We've harnessed the potential of orienteering and outdoor learning to create a versatile platform that supports schools in teaching their lessons, any lesson, in new and exciting environments outside the classroom.

So how have our competing schools utilised this? There has been a huge range of lessons taught during The Big League, getting pupils active all while learning their normal subjects. Redmaid's High School created a fantastic 'Library Challenge' taking the love for reading outdoors. Holy Trinity C of E Primary School's year 5 class did some fabulous sessions for their science lessons learning details about 'Parts of a Flower', which won them 3rd place in the 'Active Sessions' category!

It's been a nail biting competition, with our live leaderboards going wild day-to-day. Hallsville Primary School came in with a strong start right from the beginning of the competition, and have held strong in the competition winning 3rd place overall and some very impressive statistics in the four categories.

Springwell School and Inglewood Junior Schools battled neck and neck for almost a full week, sharing the top spot before Springwell School pushed through scoring an additional 7 points to rank first with Inglewood Junior School at a very close second.

The data is now in, and The Outdoor Classroom has recorded some incredible outcomes for our competing schools. For the duration of The Big League, we have seen nearly 2000 UK pupils participate, with 985 activity sessions completed. There has been a whopping 30 days of total activity, 735 hours and 6 minutes to be exact! Finally, our participating pupils have collectively travelled 1,287.84 km over the course of the competition - unbelievable!

Our final scores are:

1st Place - Springwell School

2nd Place - Inglewood Junior School

3rd Place - Hallsville Primary School

4th Place - Harold Court Primary School

5th Place - Ullesthorpe Primary School

The Outdoor Classroom team are truly in awe of the amazing effort our member schools have put in to the competition, none of this would have been possible without the commitment from our member schools and generous sponsors.

Here's to next year!

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