Welcome to The Big League

Wow! Not even one month has passed since The Big League commenced on April 24th, and already we're seeing incredible efforts from over 100 participating schools. The Big League is our first ever national competition, designed to challenge UK schools to increase their physical activity and outdoor learning.

The competition is proudly sponsored by The British Schools Orienteering Association and British Orienteering, who have pledged fantastic support and prizes for a variety of categories, such as virtual meetings with Team GB athletes, free entry to sporting competitions and national trophies.

Last week, we released the first look at our national leaderboards, highlighting the top 5 contenders in each category: Overall Placement, Distance, Activity Time, Pupil Participation and Number of Sessions. As we write this blog, Springwell School and Hallsville Primary are neck and neck each with 490 points in the overall category!

Schools have been wonderfully creative with their participation in The Big League, too! The competition is designed so that normal lessons count towards scores, all the school has to do is take the lesson outside. Inglewood Junior School held a fantastic 'Sports Challenge', encouraging pupils to participate in different sporting activities at each stop. Hallsville School ran a wonderful 'Book Club' lesson, encouraging pupils to learn more about stories from their Literacy lessons on the go!

There's still plenty of time to join The Big League and even WIN! The competition runs until 6th June, meaning there's more than enough time to take advantage of our free month's trial of The Outdoor Classroom app and use your normal lessons to work towards the amazing prizes up for grabs.

If you'd like to learn more about us or our competition, don't hesitate to contact our Outdoor Learning Experts at [email protected] or [email protected].

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